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Professional Caterers Cambridge | Event Catering Cambridge
24 Highworth Avenue, Cambridge

About Us

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Professional CateringCantab Catering Ltd is based in Cambridge, East Anglia. Cantab Catering was established in 1999 by Sebastian Barker, a local businessman and former chef, who wanted to provide catering that was built on using good quality produce, sourced by local suppliers and freshly prepared. This has been achieved by Sebastian being true to his core values and now the company goes from strength to strength, building its reputation on word of mouth and the success of a well established team of passionate individuals.

We offer catering for a variety of occasions, ranging from large sporting events to more formal business lunches, barbeques, weddings, banquets and conferences. We offer a selection of menus to suit all tastes and occasions, however we are flexible on what we offer and should you prefer something different, we can customise the menus to your exact requests and budget.


When we use disposable items, we use bio-degradable disposables, our plates are palm leaf plates and the cutlery is wooden.

We use fair trade produce and buy local free-range ingredients, aiming to have complete traceability from farm to fork and reducing food miles.

We believe in sustainability: reuse, recycle, reduce.

We offset our carbon footprint with a tree planting scheme at a local pig farm. (he supplies our pork)